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Dr. Daniel Daniel

Former Dentist/Dental Educator/Dental Coach turned Crypto Educator, and Creator of the Bull Run Method

What my Students had to say

"A game changer"

I always heard about the crazy gains you can make in crypto but never had the guts to start learning. To me, everything felt too technical.

Dr. Daniel is such a fantastic teacher. I learned everything incredibly quickly. This thing is crazy.

-Murray, Human Performance Specialist


"The best investment"

Investing in the stock market doesn't come close to the returns you can make in crypto. 

You need to know what you're doing, but this course has everything you need to start investing in right away. The returns are just insane. I recommend this course to anybody. 

-Tony, President at Cabrones Consulting Services


"Easiest way to learn crypto"

I can see why Daniel was a successful Dentist. This guy knows how to explain complicated stuff so that everyone understands. 

I did try to invest in crypto myself but felt very insecure about my approach and lost some money. I'm thrilled that I joined this program; it's the easiest way to learn crypto and start making money.

-Ken, Senior Project Manager


"Great Teacher"

Thanks Daniel very much, you took the stress and the worry of me getting involved in Crypto Currency. I was investing before your program, but I felt I was gambling because I did not understand how to invest.

Everything I didn't know I’m now putting into practice and it is working out brilliantly.

-Ricki, Director - RSG Scaffolding,


"Learning from a PRO"

I knew NOTHING when I started your program. I'm shocked at how easy you made this - I'm investing confidently after just 1 week and am already seeing results.

Wanted to say thanks again for helping me, I've always wanted to get in to crypto and now I'm actually doing it.

-Jamie, CTO Downtown Digital Technology Group,


"Best decision I ever made"

I've been wanting to invest in crypto for years. i just never had the time - or confidence - to try it. The 1 Week Program blew my mind - it's everything i wanted to learn, explained in plain english. I now know what to buy and how to buy it. I've never been more excited about investing!

IF you are thinking about investing in crypto, take Dr. Daniel's program - you will be glad you did!

-Bree, Senior Sales Executive,


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